Definitely, no one wants their brand to do badly in the market but the amazing thing is, many brands are unconsciously handling the branding process really badly which is having an adverse effect on their brand.

With this post we would be revealing how to go about your brand wrongly, don’t worry if you fall under this category, we’ll be dishing out remedies too.


Have no USP

This is where almost all brands fall short, the absence of a Unique Selling Point. Every brand has something distinct to them, it is simply what you have that your competitors don’t have.

Think about these brands and note down the first thing that comes to your mind




Think deeply, if you are really conversant with these brands, your outcome will be close to this:

Apple: Great designs, class

Benz: great engine, prestige

Coke: happiness

Every successful brand has a Unique Selling Point, one way to fail as a brand is to have no USP. The USP does not have to be directly marketed, you won’t see Coke say in any of their ads “we formulated the right ingredients to make you happy but their ads will most likely look like this:

This already sells happiness without mentioning “happiness”. Find your USP!

How to find your USP

Simply identify one unique thing you can offer that your competitors simply cannot or will find it hard to match, there you have it! Remember your USP does not necessarily have to be directly marketed.

At Straton Digital, our USP is unique designs and you can see it in our works and creatives, our designs are simply hard to match by most branding agencies, our website outlook and portfolio can testify to that.


Have an unrelatable logo

Having a poor unrelatable logo is one sure way to turn off prospecting clients and even lose existing customers. Few years ago, vacation rental service company, Air BnB changed their logo design, the new logo received a huge backlash online which caused the company to make an explainer video about the reason for the change of the logo and its details. That didn’t change much.

In 2009, fruit juice company, Tropicana also decided to tweak their logo by replacing an orange stuck with a straw with a cup filled with juice, as innocent as that change looked like, it caused outrage amongst consumers and sales of their competitors increased by 30% while theirs dropped by 20%. They were forced to revert to their old logo.


This is only to show that your logo holds a really high significance to your brand and should never be joked with if you are to take your¬†brand seriously. Pick colours carefully, get reviews about your logo from various sources, from professionals and even down to children and ask them for their first impression, remember it’s not about you but them.


Do not identify your target market

This is the best way to totally give your brand a sucker-punch! Just do not identify your target market. There is this joke that asks why luxury cars never advertise on TV and the reply was because those who can afford them aren’t sitting in front of the TV. Surely those luxury cars have their means of marketing but TV isn’t one of their channels because their target market aren’t the ones spending hours in front of the TV.

You must identify who exactly are the ones who need your brand’s products or services and you must know where to get them. A deep market survey will help you out with that.

Have no brand story

The digital world is changing, mainstream ads aren’t getting the desired results anymore, now brands tell a story, not just a story but their brand story. Your brand story is simply your brand’s essence, it tells the reason for the establishment of your brand or outfit. It is simply why you exist as a brand.

How to build your brand story

The key is simply to answer these few questions, if you can answer them, then voila! you have your brand story there

  • Why did I start up this establishment?
  • What problems does our brand help solve?
  • What is our mission?


Be inconsistent with your brand message, Just brag

Whatever word you push out must match your brand service, nothing annoys clients more than an ad that reflects nothing like the real service or product. If for example, Apple should produce a heavy, poorly designed phone, then they would be going against their USP. Your brand must be consistent, whatever you promise, you should deliver.

Here’s a quote by the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos: “Your brand is what other people say about you while you’re not in the room”

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