Before we go into how a VPN can help you save money, let’s learn what VPN really is.

What is a VPN?

VPN is the acronym for Virtual Private Network, it is simply a network that encrypts your data and keeps your information safe while you surf the internet. So how does it work?

How VPN works

Assume you are currently using a VPN software while surfing the internet, your data will be encrypted by your VPN server even before your Internet Network provider or the nearest WiFi network sees your device. Your data goes to the VPN, and from the VPN server to your online destination. From the end of your online destination, they can only see your VPN server but not your device type, location etc

Look at the diagrammatic expression below to see how it works.

How it looks like surfing the net without VPN

Bear in mind there is nothing wrong browsing without a VPN, it is the standard, the only flaw is your data remains accessible to any interested parties. Not great for privacy.


Here is how it looks like when surfing the net with a VPN server

The VPN solves the privacy problem for you, when you browse with a VPN, it connects to the web on your behalf, giving you more privacy and security. This is essential when performing online transactions online, you won’t want all your banking details out there in the open. Without a VPN, your device type, the source of your data and what you are doing are easily accessible to any interested parties. With VPN, no worries, your data is protected.


How does VPN help you save money?

Stay safe from online thieves

According to Identity Theft Resource Centre’s 2017 Date Breach Report, over 14 million credit card numbers and close to 158 million social security numbers were exposed as a result of these data breaches. Online banking activities are very sensitive and you would need as much security as you can get when making online transactions. There are several ways anyone can creep into your details when you browse without a VPN especially when using the net from an unsecured WIFI. A VPN software could save you tons of money that could have been easily lost to hackers and online thieves.


Get cheaper flight tickets

Travel tickets could cause a strain on our wallets but with a few VPN tricks, we could be getting the best rates! Most airlines have different ticket prices for the same location, meaning you could get cheaper rates for a different location. VPN servers give you the ability to change your location, you could switch between different locations to find the cheapest rate for your destination. You could also find the best rate by visiting the international websites of airlines, most websites have international versions with different domain names like .uk .ng etc for different locations. Without a VPN, you would be redirected to the local version irrespective of the URL you type in. A VPN makes you visit the international version of the website which might offer lower ticket prices.


Stream geo-restricted videos without having to pay more

Have you ever tried to stream a video only to find out the video isn’t available for streaming in your region? In such cases, VPNs can come in handy. Netflix, for example, has different catalogues for different countries. In such cases, viewers would have to spend more to get other streaming services to watch the same movie. A VPN software will cut that stress, switch locations and stream on!

VPN can also save you money in cases of time-limited content. Some sites only let you stream videos for only a limited amount of time before you are required to pay for the service. How does VPN save you money here? In order to set time-limited content, your IP address has to be used to put the restriction in action. VPN, however, let’s you change your IP address as much as you like thereby making you stream videos for free!


Pay less for software subscriptions

Many softwares don’t have the same prices for different locations, a software like Microsoft Office is about $50 dollars cheaper in locations like India and other less developed countries compared to countries like the United States. With a VPN software, your location is hidden and you now choose the region that offers the lowest prices of the software you want to purchase, thereby saving you money.

So there you have it, the ways in which VPN can save you tons of cash. Would you consider getting one?

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