In case you didn’t know, the United States recently blacklisted Huawei, thereby banning them from trading with all American companies.

A little backstory about Huawei

Huawei is a Chinese multinational technology company that provides telecommunications equipment and sells consumer electronics. They produce phones, laptops, gadget chips etc. Just recently, they were the second biggest sellers of smartphones in the global market beating the iPhone and only coming second to Samsung. They are famed for producing pretty impressive smartphones for considerably lower prices like the P30 pro. This made them one of the most in-demand phones on the planet because people could get flagship specs and experiences with the same budget of a midrange price gadget. They also released a foldable phone which seemed even more impressive than Samsung’s Galaxy Fold.

Just when things started to get interesting, this happened…

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Yeah, they got banned.

Why the ban?

Apparently, the United States claims Huawei is a threat to the security of it’s US citizens, they believe there are in-built chips in Huawei devices used in spying and stealing data from users for the Chinese government. Following an executive order from the United State’s President Donald Trump on May 15, 2019, the company was added to the US Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security Entity List and subsequently banned!

What this means for Huawei

Huawei smartphones run on Android Operating System which is owned by Google and Google is a…you guessed right, an American company. Following the ban, Google was quick to react and took off Huawei’s license from using the Android Operating System. Android’s official Twitter handle tweeted this:

This means Huawei which is an Android phone won’t be able to use many of Android’s services, won’t even have most of the apps it used to get and won’t get updates. It simply has been stripped of all its glory.

This, of course, comes as bad news to not only their customers but the tech world at large, they provided very strong competition and had other tech giants completely on their toes.

What’s the way forward?

Everything seems foggy for the tech company from this side but Chinese companies are not known to just give up easily. There are claims stirring up of Huawei building their own Operating System. Will smartphone users embrace the idea of an unfamiliar and untested Operating System? That remains to be seen. Asides just software, Huawei also trades with US companies for some hardware parts for their phones, WiFi modems, etc

There are also speculations that this harsh punishment from the US government might later come in to hurt them. For example, Nemont, a US wireless provider has been affected due to this ban on Huawei and some other US companies.

However, even with the dark clouds above Huawei, they could still weather the storm. Not exactly with their smartphone business but on something new entirely…

5G network

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At the moment, Huawei is repeatedly halting the majority of their smartphone production lines but asides this guerilla trade war between the US and China, another battle has been going on for a few years now. The 5G battle. Launching the 5G network first would be a massive boost for the host nation. Huawei seems to be the one winning this battle though. About 2 months ago a top Netherland wireless carrier chose Huawei to provide equipment for its next-generation 5G wireless network. Slowly, Huawei is gaining grounds all over Europe. This has largely been influenced by the massive discounts they offer to their clients.

Despite the United States warnings about Huawei’s pieces of equipment being used for spying by the Chinese government, it seems Europe doesn’t care so much. This, of course, comes as a big blow to the United States government.


So as it stands, it’s US: 1, Huawei: 1.


What do you think about the Huawei ban? Are you a fan of Huawei devices?



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