Blue Plate

Making Blue Plate stand out from the rest of the pack

Blue plate is a finger foods restaurant making waves at Port Harcourt. At the point of approaching us they had just one goal, to stand out from other fast food brands and be the most favored choice amongst their competitors. We keyed into this goal and worked hand in hand with the company’s Chief Executive to actualize his vision.

Learning from the giants

Our aim when creating a brand identity was to create one that would stand out from the rest of the pack. First step was to design a logo and a theme. Before embarking on this, we did a thorough research on top fast food brands around the world we found out that we needed something that was simple and easy to remember.

This gave us blue print to work with, while designing image, we had two things in mind, simplicity and distinction.

Having developed a theme for the brand we were to use that to develop a world class product design:

They loved our work and they remain very close friends of the Straton team till today!