Content Creation, Digital Marketing

O3 Capital

Working with Nigeria’s first non-bank credit card company

O3 Capital is Nigeria’s first non-bank card issuer, they provide both prepaid and credit card services. At the time we began talks with them, they had very little social media presence, their goal was to grow their client base by increasing their presence online using social media.

Content is King!

In order to make sales, you must get leads, our digital marketing team took out time to study the ideal target audience for O3 Capital, feedback from this study gave us insights on the kind of content to push out to get quality leads. We also took a survey on their competitors, studied their campaigns and figured out the kind content which works best as well as their lead generation strategy.

We pushed out these content using 3 social media channels; Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We were also able to get quality leads with the right knowledge of the targeting options to use.

The millennials rule

O3 Capital had a strong interest in millennials, this led us to develop a campaign strategy that will attract millennials. We came up with a campaign for O3 Capital, #MonthRhymeChallenge, the main objective was to bring in more brand awareness for O3 Capital, contestants of this campaign were required to make a rhyme with the “30 days has September” tune and infuse O3 Capital’s services in it. The campaign increased their Instagram followers by 75% organically in the space of 2 weeks. It was unique and engaging.