There are many advantages having a website gives you, it gives you more brand authenticity over your competitors and can also fetch you some clients and customers. However, only a great website with all necessary functionalities can deliver your website goals. Here are a few tips to having a great website.


Keep homepage free of clutter

You have just one shot at a website appearance, kill it! Your home page should be clear of clutter with a very visible call to action. Minimize text on your home page and focus more on aesthetic visuals. The best way to appeal to your viewers is to have a stunning homepage, excess texts and clutters prevent you from achieving that. Ensure your homepage showcases your brand products or services but minimize text.


Be mobile-friendly

If your website viewers have to keep adjusting your website resolution on their mobile devices, you are doing it wrong! When designing a website, ensure your website loads up properly for mobile devices. A website which isn’t optimized for mobile will be difficult to view on them and will most likely lead to bounce rate. Unlike decades ago, the majority of online users now surf the internet with their mobile devices. If your site isn’t well optimized for mobile devices, you definitely will not be getting traffic on it. Thanks to Content Management Systems like WordPress, Wix etc it already provides you with ready-made themes that have been optimized for mobile devices.


Invest in SEO

Building a great website is one thing but getting traffic to your site is a different thing entirely. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a great way to get targetted traffic to your website when done rightly. There are a bunch of SEO tools to use for your website, one is Yoast SEO, it gives you tips on what to do to ensure all your pages are rightly indexed. Most people often skip this because SEO seems to be too cumbersome, while this might be partly true, there are SEO tools made available which could ease up the SEO work for you. SEO can provide a great leverage for your brand and position you higher than your competitors, it’s worth it.


Keep content fresh

A website which is hardly ever updated will find it very hard to be noticed online, this is because search engines always prioritize websites with fresh content that could catch the interests of their audiences. Plan out content and ensure your website is updated with fresh content monthly, biweekly or weekly. Identifying your core values and objectives will give ideas on the content to put out there.

Kindly note that content is not exactly a tool to drive traffic to your page but it establishes your brand as an authority in your niche. It also ensures those who visit your page stay and get connected, that way you can snip in offers and get free leads(wink). Study how HubSpot do this effortlessly.


Create Easy to read website content

When designing a website, it is tempting to go overboard with designs and totally forget about important things like your site’s readability. This usually comes back to haunt the website performance of course. The “readability” of your website should always be taken to consideration when designing a website except you are designing a website for fellow designers and not potential clients.

Stick to not more than 3 fonts

Having more than 3 fonts on your website makes it appear cluttered. As a rule, stick to a maximum of 3 fonts except the project calls for more elaborate fonts.

Contrast is key

A bright coloured font should go with a dark coloured background and vice versa. This makes it much easier for viewers to scan through.

Choose San Serif

“San Serif” simply translates to “without serif”. Serifs are those little projecting points or lines that some fonts have on the ends of their letters. The font you are currently reading on is a San Serif, those lines and points are absent in this type of font. San Serifs has proven to be a much better option for the body text of a website, it is easier to use and a wiser choice of body text for web designers. Choose San Serif.

Fonts shouldn’t be too small

They shouldn’t have to squint when going through your site’s content. Keep body text size at 16 pt, anything lower could be too small for viewers.


Get a good host

This point cannot be overemphasized. All your efforts can become futile when it is hosted on a bad host server. This is because once the host server is temporarily down or experiences any fault, your website and all other websites hosted on it pays the price. When getting yourself a website, it’s important to do some background checks while seeking for a host. There are a few good host servers available out there, find one which is good, reliable and affordable.




If you can’t build one yourself, get a professional

If you can’t build a great looking and rightly optimized website, please get yourself a professional or contact the Straton team.  With WordPress, building a professional looking website has been made much easier but there are still some little modifications to be done, like optimizing for search engines, using the right plugins, ensuring your site loads quickly, advanced SEO etc. Seemingly little things like these can burn all the money spent on a website. Take, for example, a website which isn’t properly optimized would not be prioritized in search engines, therefore it would be much difficult for your potential audience to find you. Likewise, a website with slow loading speed would immediately turn off visitors until they eventually leave. Then you would be spending money on ads and campaigns which leads people to a poorly optimized website…and of course, they’ll leave without performing any action on your site, therefore rendering you broke!


Having a website is good, having a great website is more important.

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